Care Network

Our Mission:

Grace Care Network is a place where we hope to help connect you with others to meet you where you are at in life. Care ranges from your general Christian fellowship, to support through the diagnosis of cancer, and even the option to receive professional mental health counseling. All care is provided under strict confidentiality, allowing you the opportunity to express your needs in complete honesty without judgment. Care can be in the form of individual, small group or study focused.

Christian Fellowship

Whether it’s grabbing a coffee or hanging out in the church lobby, Christian fellowship offers a time to connect with others through similar interests, hobbies and your love of the Lord. Fellowship can offer great accountability for your walk with the Lord, as well as the opportunity to boldly share your faith with others.

 Prayer Team

Our prayer team is a group of individuals who gather to pray prior to services for guidance, protection and the presence of the Holy Spirit to come. They also lift up prayer requests submitted to the church throughout the week and are available to meet for one-on-one prayer.

 Pastoral Team Care

Connect with a member of our Pastoral team to seek care throughout life’s transitions. Our calling is to help hurting people to find healing and rest in God’s grace.

Small Group Care

Group of individuals gathering to share in the bond as believers in Christ that allows us to encourage, love, and help one another as we live life together.

One-on-One Care

Volunteers of the church offering time to meet one-on-one with individuals as they deal with life’s struggles and transitions.

Support Groups

Whether you’re struggling relationally, financially or personally, these groups offer a unique opportunity to share in your struggles with others going through similar situations, and build lasting relationships based on trust, honesty and encouragement.

Local Ministry Partner Support

Information on how our Local Ministry Partners can offer Care Support for you.

Grace Professional Counseling

Professional Onsite individual, couple, and family counseling.

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