grace-teens| What is Grace Teens High School? |

Grace Teens High School is a ministry specifically designed to challenge, engage, and excite 9th-12th graders. At Grace we are passionate about sharing God’s love with the entire world, but starting first with the people around us. Here at Grace High School students will experience student-led worship, exciting games and activities, biblical teaching, fellowship with other teens and adult leaders, and so much more!  Our WIN statement is to WELCOME students as the are and CHALLENGE them to change.

| How Can I Get Involved? |

  1. Through our Sunday night experience called MERGE – MERGE is our large group experience where students in 9th-12th grade meet to play games, hang out, worship, and learn more about Jesus. If you are looking for a place where friends become family, come to MERGE and experience what true community looks like! The doors for MERGE open at 5:30pm and service starts at 5:45pm at the Church. All high school students are welcome and are encouraged to invite their friends!
  2. Through our mid-week small groups called Breakaway – Breakaway is our mid-week small group experience that meet on Wednesday nights and is broken down by gender and grade. Breakaway is truly a time for students and leaders to gather and fellowship together by praying, talking, reading the Bible, discussing the current message series, and doing unique book studies throughout the school year! To get plugged into a Breakaway group, please email and provide your name, grade and gender.
  3. Through our service opportunities – Once a month, Breakaway groups dedicate their time to serving the community in some way. These service opportunities are truly a blessing and all students are encouraged to serve the community at least once a month! Students are also encouraged to serve on our volunteers teams at Grace each weekend, as well as mission trip opportunities over the summer.
  4. Through our awesome quarterly events – Once a quarter, we do something BIG at Grace Teens! From snow tubing to water balloon battles, we are all about having an great time through games, activities and BIG events! To find out more about our quarterly events, check the “Upcoming Events” section below. Most quarterly events require registration and a fee to attend, but we can assure you that you will have an absolute blast!

Upcoming Events