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Together Events

Gather together

These women’s events are designed to encourage and connect women through connection activities, inspirational messages, and engaging discussion groups. 

Smiling women taking a picture together in church lobby - Grace Community Church | Cranberry Township PA

Learn together

These events are a series of independent workshops offered to share Bible study tools and techniques and discuss Bible study methods to enrich personal Bible study. 

Some examples of workshop topics include: What's in Your Bible?; Online Study Tools; and Observing, Interpreting & Applying Scripture.


serve together

These women’s events allow women to make connections with other women and serve together in both local and global outreach initiatives.

Tuesday Night.png

study together

These women’s Bible study groups are environments created to study God’s Word, share, and pray together in a small group setting. Location options include meeting at the church or in a private home. A list of available groups can be found here


Worship together

These women’s events are created to challenge and encourage women in their relationships with Christ as they worship with other women and hear an encouraging message from God’s word.  

Woman raising her hand in worship - Grace Community Church | Cranberry Township PA
Smiling woman serving coffee in church lobby - Grace Community Church | Cranberry Township PA

share together

These groups are designed for special interest, life stage, or other commonalities. (i.e. Book Club, Mommy Mingle / Playdate in the Park, Infertility, Widows Living with Hope, etc.)

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