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Grace Community Church lobby - Grace Community Church, Cranberry Township PA

Vision for the future

What is Vision for the Future?

Vision for the Future is about developing property to deliver programs to reach people to accomplish God's purposes.  Through careful stewardship and building projects, we are creating environments to care for everybody that God brings to us.  We take two regular offerings throughout during the year and these offerings are designated towards the VFF fund.

Our goal has always been that we will stop when everybody in the local community has been reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ. In order to do that, we needed more space to minister to them.  When someone says that we are getting too big, we asked them, "what would have happened if we stopped just before you heard about Jesus?"

Newly renovated Grace Kids ids wing - Grace Community Church, Cranberry Township PA

What did we build?

The building project greatly expanded our Kid's space (over 25,000 square feet), provided dedicated space for Students, expanded the auditorium (1200+ seats), created larger lobby area with multiple areas to connect, provided more meeting rooms, created additional staff offices and provided a dedicated counseling services area. 

How you can help

Pray. Pray that God guides and directs every step because without Him it will fail and we need to be open to however He leads.  Pray that God continues to provide the resources, financial and otherwise, in His perfect timing. Especially pray for the people that God will bring to hear about Jesus because of our Vision for the Future.

Give. Many people came before us and gave sacrificially to build our current facility. Many of us found Jesus here at Grace because of their generosity and what it makes possible. We are asking everybody who calls Grace their home, to do the same. Give sacrificially above and beyond to create a place where the local community can come to hear about Jesus. It's our time to help the next generation at Grace.

As we praise God for this new building and more room to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, we now need to focus on being good stewards of our money.  To put numbers around it, the project was roughly $10 million. Through saving and good stewardship we have $1.4 million in the bank to use towards some of the initial costs of construction.  This allows us to have a very manageable mortgage and the ability to expand our ministry efforts.

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